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Weekly Monthly or Repairs

We can maintain your pool to new standards. We can fix any issue your pool may have. 

Pool Maintenance by a Professional in Cutler Bay and Surrounding Areas

Pools can be a wonderful area for families to spend quality time together while also serving as an important outdoor resource for maintaining fitness when they are properly maintained with our swimming pool cleaning service. We are a well-established, locally owned and operated company that offers a comprehensive range of pool cleaning and maintenance services for both residential and commercial pools in and around Cutler Bay.

Pool Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair Company that Provides a Wide Range of Services.

A neglected pool can turn out to be a very expensive pool! Without regular cleaning and maintenance, it is all too easy for your pool to become infested with algae or other harmful impurities. Not only does this appear unattractive, but it also has the potential to pose a health risk. We provide a complete cleaning and maintenance service for swimming pools, restoring them to their former splendor as quickly as possible. No matter if you require weekly, planned maintenance or the restoration of a neglected pool, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to complete the task at hand. In the event that you are unsure of the best course of action to take when it comes to cleaning your pool or if you have any other questions, we are always happy to assist you.

Pool repair in Cutler Bay and the surrounding areas is our specialty.

In addition to routine maintenance and cleaning, if a problem arises with your pool, our swimming pool cleaning service can make the necessary repairs to bring it back into working order. The fact that our crew is familiar with most pool brands and models allows us to quickly identify the source of the problem and devise a solution to fix it. Whether a component needs to be replaced or there is some other issue, you can count on us to complete a timely repair at a highly competitive price for you and your business. To schedule an appointment or to inquire about anything else, please contact us at

Pool Services in Cutler Bay

We keep up with the latest industry innovations and processes, which makes it easier for us to supply our services. Here are a few of the pool services we provide:

  • Cleaning service for swimming pools
  • Repairing Swimming Pools
  • Repairing a Pool Costs
  • Cleaning Supplies for Pools
  • Service for the Pool and Spa
  • Repairing a Pool Pump
  • Repairing your vinyl pool
  • Repairing a Pool Heater

Starting at $39.00 Month

$39 for 4 weeks of pool cleaning (regularly $90)!
To see if we service your area, give us a call right now... Open 7 Days a Week!

Pool Maintenance Cutler Bay

When you sign up for one of our maintenance plans, you're letting us to handle all of the "heaving lifting," leaving you with nothing but time to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Only Chemicals Are Used In This Service (Bi-Weekly)

It is critical to maintain a good chemical balance in order to extend the life of your equipment and protect the health of your family. As an alternative to purchasing large quantities of chemicals and test kits, you can rely on us to maintain the chemical balance of your pool through bi-weekly testing and correction.

Our most reasonably priced service bundle. Chemical treatments are performed twice a week to ensure optimum water chemistry is maintained. Water should be tested and balanced Chlorine, soda ash, bicarbonate, and muriatic acid should be added as needed.

Chemcial Information: Chlorine Tabs, Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Ash), and Muriatic Acid are all provided as part of the weekly cleaning service.

This package includes the chemical treatment as well as:

  • Every time, make sure to test and balance your water.
  • Every time, make sure the pool equipment is in working order.
  • Chlorine, soda ash, bicarbonate, and muriatic acid should be added as needed.
  • Every time, make sure to clean the skimmer baskets and pump baskets.
  • Seasonal modifications should be made to the timer box settings.
  • Check your filter and filter pressure, then clean or backwash your filter as necessary.
  • Every visit, brush the steps and landings.
  • Every visit, make sure to brush the tile and pool sides.
  • Every visit, skim the top of the page with the net.
  • When necessary, vacuum the pool.
  • As needed, make adjustments to the pool vacuum.

We handle all of the "hard lifting" in terms of pool and spa maintenance and cleaning, so you can sit back and relax instead of worrying about it!!

Pool Cleaning Cutler Bay

It is possible to keep a pristine pool. Expert cleaning makes this possible. We would gladly clean and restore your pool to its former glory. Everyone wants a clean pool, and we have the resources and tools to make it happen. Having unclean water in the pool fosters the growth of bacteria. We can clean the pool daily or weekly, as you prefer.

New Equipment Installation

Is your swimming pool's equipment outdated?? Your electric bill may be out of control. There is no need for you to worry about anything because we have a team of experts that can replace any pool equipment. When we clean the pool, we'll check the system to see what works and what doesn't. End of day, we want to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Weekly Pool Cleaning

Monthly and weekly pool maintenance includes weekly pool or spa cleaning. Chemicals are added and tested for pH as part of the cleaning and skimming process. Call us for a free inspection.

Algae Removal

This method can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to complete, depending on the severity of the problem, with no need to replace the water. Your pool is shocked for an additional fee if it has high levels of Chlorine.

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