Pool Repair Services in Miami, FL

Let Us Restore Your Pool

Providing pool repair in Miami, Florida is our specialization. With over 30 years Experience.  Our team can help you with all of  your pool service related needs, whether it's a repair or advice on energy-efficient pool equipment. 

What kind of Pool Services do we provide?

Complete Pool Pump


It's important to match your pump to your pool's size and shape. Your pump may be replaced with a comparable pump or one of our energy-efficient pumps.

Pump Motor


A broken pump motor does not necessarily require a new pool pump. If your pool pump is still working, replace the motor.

Salt Generators


Converting your chlorinated pool to a salt pool? These systems take salt and turn it into chlorine. This technique of cleaning your pool maintains the chlorine level low and constant.

Pool Heaters



We can install whatever heater your pool requires. We can install an electric heat pump or a gas heater for you at a affordable prices.



When it comes to algae, the next line of defense is an appropriately sized filter. The filter should be selected in accordance with the size of your pool and the power of your pump. Filters tend to crack from time to time as they get older. Due to the fact that filters function under pressure, it is not possible to patch all of them. Unless the fracture is on the lid, replacing your filter is the best choice at this stage. If the fracture is located on the lid, it is possible to replace only the lid.


Preventative maintenance inspections are one of the best choices a pool owner can make. Routine maintenance may save money by detecting issues like leaks, filters, and pumps before they become big concerns. Regular cleaning not only keeps your pool clean but also helps our professionals identify issues and fix pool equipment. Ensure your pool can be utilized all year round with regular upkeep.


Every pool owner will need to repair pool equipment at some point time. Even with proper care, chemicals and hard water can damage pool equipment. When you need to repair or update your pool equipment in Miami, our professional technicians will examine your needs and provide you with numerous alternatives. Newer, more energy-efficient technology saves time and money while simplifying pool maintenance.


Miami Pool Service in South Florida can repair or maintain your pool equipment. As one of the leading pool repair company in Miami, we have years of experience serving all of South Florida. Contact us immediately to schedule a pool service.

Why Have the Pool Serviced?

If the water quality is bad, the bacteria can multiply and make the water unhealthy for swimming. Insects, such as mosquitoes, can thrive in the dark and moist environment.
Severe Algae Growth - If the pool is not cleaned on a regular basis, it may develop severe algae growth. It may soon encroach over a large portion of the pool and be impossible to remove completely. Bacterial growth can be facilitated as a result.
Leaks - A pool's pipework will eventually leak if it is not properly maintained. This means that the water will progressively seep out of the pool. More significant problems may arise if the pool lacks sufficient water.

Pumps and other pool equipment might be destroyed if they aren't properly cared for. There may not be enough water for the pool pump to work if the water level drops too low. This causes the pump to fail.

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